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The question, "How does that make you buy?" is a play on the expression, "How does that make you feel?" Clinical psychiatrists stereotypically ask this question in order to get the patients to expound on their problems. It is my belief that business leaders, marketers, and salespeople are doing the same thing. Producers research, question, and converse with customers in order to help them solve problems--not psychological or emotional problems, but buying problems.

Customers implicitly have the problem of how to spend their money. Often, they are skeptical and assume that producers don't care about them and just want their money.....the same way perhaps that psychiatric patients are worried that their doctors are just going to carelessly shove pills down their throats and bill them. What patients in therapy want is a doctor who will listen first and then propose relevant solutions. I believe that patients in the marketplace want the same thing. They want help but are skeptical of the doctor's intentions.

This blog is a plea for those in business to recognize their role as customer psychologists--as problem-solvers, as helpers. And it's not just for those in business. It's for anyone in a position which something is being offered to someone else. It's for the preacher. It's for the politician. It's for anyone who produces something to be consumed, whether it be a product, service, idea, or experience. Whomever you serve, you are his doctor and he is your patient. You are his producer and he is your consumer. It is your job to ask the question, "How does that make you buy?" and to help your customer, your patient, find the answer.

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