Wednesday, November 23, 2011

20 Posts I Stole from Smarter People

This is my 200th post and I've decided it's time for a break. I am taking a hiatus from this blog. I have started a business and am trying to put all of my blogging and SEO efforts into it. To read my current blog, CLICK HERE. Small Business Storyteller is a blog about running a successful small business in the age of the Internet. I include a lot of information about sales, marketing, social media, leadership, etc.--a lot of stuff that carries the same theme as this blog. I'll leave this blog open for anyone who wishes to use its resources and I'm keeping the domain name, "How Does That Make You Buy?" because, let's face it, it's awesome!

I love writing about sales and may come back to this at some point in the future. In the meantime, check out my 20 favorite posts from this blog. And this isn't tooting my own horn--it's tooting the horn of the many writers who have significantly influenced my perspective and shaped my thinking over the past few years. If there is anything good that I have to share with you, it is because they weren't kind enough to first share it with me. Yes, I admit it: I am an idea thief. So, take advantage of what I've learned and receive some stolen property. Thank you for visiting!
  1. "Your Mission is Too Important"
  2. "Salespeople and Doctors"
  3. "Stuck in the Snuggly Duckling"
  4. "Four Words That Limit Your Potential"
  5. "The Golden Rule of Sales"
  6. "Losing Interest in Self-Interest"
  7. "Why I Hate Spiders"
  8. "Are You Seeking Employment or Opportunity?"
  9. "Price as the Final Decision Variable"
  10. "The Power of Certainty"
  11. "Lessons from a Bad Therapist"
  12. "Branding in Sales"
  13. "Suggestions, Requests, and the Fear of Rejection"
  14. "What's Your Student/Teacher Ratio?"
  15. "The Anti-Guru Movement"
  16. "Don't Take it Out on the Customer"
  17. "The Philosophy of the Snooze Button"
  18. "Why Are Companies in Business?"
  19. "How to Sell Junk"
  20. "If You Really Care..."
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